Background Music is "Taps" because Thanksgiving usually means taps for turkeys.
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Save a Turkey this Thanksgiving!

Turkeys have nothing to be thankful for this holiday season, but you can help change that this year. All links on his page will open in a new browser window so you can easily check them all out without having to use that annoying Back button.

You can adopt a turkey for $15.00 from Farm Sanctuary this year and give a bird something to be thankful for. What a wonderful new Thanksgiving tradition this could be for your family! You can have your turkey without eating it too.

Visit for recipes and other information on hosting a vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Win a Tofurkey, Unturkey, or Tofu Turkey to serve this holiday season.

Learn about turkey farm cruelty by reading this undercover investigative report by PETA.

Learn about factory farming of chicken and turkey at

Order your FREE vegetarian starter kit today from PETA.

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