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Easter Bunny Pictures

Taken March 25, 2001

There are no pictures of Lexie with her Mommy because Lexie decided to be a brat that day and began kicking and screaming every time Mommy touched her. I hope the Bunny remembers this and brings her a basket full of rotten eggs.

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Mvc-780s.jpg (68023 bytes)
Too Much Shadow
Mvc-781s.jpg (68549 bytes)
Lexie and Miranda
Mvc-782s.jpg (65152 bytes)
Do They Ever Sit Still?
Mvc-784s.jpg (68016 bytes)
Mvc-785s.jpg (68166 bytes)
Mvc-786s.jpg (64340 bytes)
Getting There..
Mvc-809s.jpg (76063 bytes)
Sit Down for the Picture, Lexie!
Mvc-801s.jpg (72694 bytes)
Sitting? Please?
Mvc-787s.jpg (66383 bytes)
Mvc-793s.jpg (74852 bytes)
Mvc-800s.jpg (49124 bytes)
Waist Ears?
MVC-815S.JPG (53387 bytes)
Look at Me!
Mvc-783s.jpg (68111 bytes)
Mvc-788s.jpg (78928 bytes)
Finally Right!
Mvc-797s.jpg (65817 bytes)
That was quick! Not!
Mvc-792s.jpg (64594 bytes)
Rabbits Galore!
Mvc-798s.jpg (52694 bytes)
Chair Ears?
Mvc-810s.jpg (74285 bytes)
Do Rabbits Lay Eggs?
Mvc-817s.jpg (63631 bytes)
Heather and Miranda
Mvc-818s.jpg (63859 bytes)
Take Two
Mvc-803s.jpg (63474 bytes)
Mama Di
Mvc-808s.jpg (72610 bytes)
Miranda: Camera Hog :P
Mvc-805s.jpg (60070 bytes)
Andrea and Heather
Mvc-804s.jpg (62822 bytes)
Try That Again...
Mvc-814s.jpg (48343 bytes)
Momma Di's Ass
Mvc-816s.jpg (68588 bytes)
Mvc-806s.jpg (63903 bytes)
Cheesy Grin
Mvc-807s.jpg (70167 bytes)
No, those aren't TV antennae
Mvc-789s.jpg (67103 bytes)
But Seriously...
Mvc-790s.jpg (71107 bytes)
Mvc-802s.jpg (60883 bytes)
Too Much Chocolate
Mvc-791s.jpg (72414 bytes)
Cheesy Grins Common
Mvc-811s.jpg (69005 bytes)
Blink! Doh!
Mvc-799s.jpg (52150 bytes)
New Fashion Trend
Mvc-812s.jpg (59764 bytes)
Lexie Runs Away
Mvc-796s.jpg (66965 bytes)
Mvc-794s.jpg (62046 bytes)
Tuning In
Mvc-795s.jpg (76317 bytes)